Lights, Camera, Money! : A Review of Slot Machines

Lights, Camera, Cash! is a slot machine game developed by industry veteran NetEnt that allows you to live out your game show dreams in comfort. I can see why people enjoy watching game shows. You not only have the opportunity to win prizes, maybe even cash, but also to have your face splashed on television for all the world, or at least part of the globe, your family and friends at least. It has two sides, so be careful! If you botch it, not only will you likely finish up with the same amount of money in your account as before, but you may also appear like an absolute idiot in front of your friends and family. It’s easy to think that such questions are simple while you’re at home with your feet up on the La-Z-Boy, but under the bright lights and scrutiny of an audience, it’s easy to forget your words.

Instead, it’s often more fun to live in an imaginary world, maybe by imagining yourself as a participant on a show like Lights, Camera, Cash! This slot machine features a 3-reel gameplay panel set against a backdrop of flashing lights and stacks of riches. In an effort to ramp up the excitement, a funky, wah-wah pedaled game show theme is pounding away in the background. This is helpful since the mechanics of Lights, Camera, Cash! ensure that many spins will fall into the “dead” or “low-value” categories. Like, a lot, requiring participants to sift through the chaff until something exceptional roars down from the skies of game shows to deliver, hopefully, an exciting conclusion.

Those who find themselves in a need may still take part in Lights, Camera, Cash! by wagering anywhere from 10 pence to £1. When you press the spin button, the three reels begin spinning, and you may start tallying your winnings along the game’s single payline. However, the other two rows are utilized during respins, which occur following a successful round. In essence, each row represents a different payline. Lights, Camera, Cash! has a default RTP value of 96%, with many lesser RTP models available. This high volatility contributes to the game’s appearance of being all or nothing.

Slot Machine Functions That Bring in the Bucks

How does it function, then? Numbers, Diamonds, and xReel scatters are the icons that can appear on the reels of Lights, Camera, Cash! There are six possible outcomes—0, 00, 1, 2, 5, and 10—with 10 appearing only on the first reel and 00 appearing only on the sixth. Diamonds serve only as worthless stand-ins.

Each win from a spin and any subsequent respin acts as a multiplier of the initial wager. The multiplier is determined by the total amount of coins that fall on winning paylines. Winning combinations are determined by connecting numbers along the same payline and adding up those along several paylines (rows). If you get 10 diamonds in a row, and 5 of them are in the central position, you win 105 times your wager. If you get a 1 in the first row, a 5 in the second, and a 2 in the third, you win 8 times your wager.

Reverse Function

Only the middle column/payline will be in play on the first spin. When a victory happens, a respin is awarded. The top row is in play during the initial respin, while the bottom row takes over if another straight victory activates a second respin. After the second try, no more respins will be given. When no further number symbols land, the respin will terminate as well.


xReel is a set of reels superimposed with multiplier values. When the xReel scatter appears during a winning spin, regardless of whatever row was active, the xReel feature is activated, and the win multiplier is determined by the value displayed on the xReel. The values for the multiplier are 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 50. On every given spin or respin, only one xReel scatter may appear.

Lights, Camera, Money! – The Slots Have Spoken

What the heck is going on? Lights, Camera, Cash! suggests the beginning of something big under our own noses. Slots that use a single payline and a mostly numerical payout structure to determine multiplier values for wagers are part of this trend. Recently, we’ve seen Red Tiger’s Easy Gold, ReelPlay’s Mega Money Machine, and now NetEnt’s Lights, Camera, Cash! All of them have their own unique features, but they all revolve on matching numbers on a small number of paylines in order to double the player’s wager.

Lights, Camera, Cash! is somewhat complex, putting it in between the simplest of the three games (Mega Money Machine) and the most complicated (Easy Gold), where the bonus round adds some variety. If numbers land in which to create consecutive wins, the respin function in Lights, Camera, Cash! will drag in one additional row, and then two additional rows. It’s a clever technique to make things straightforward without making the game overly complex, and it prevents players from becoming bored by gazing at the same column over and over again. We shouldn’t overlook the xReel’s multiplier-dispensing capabilities, which provide yet another welcome source of diversity. Lights, Camera, Cash! offers the biggest winning possibilities of the three games described, at 25,000x the stake, thus it all has the potential to be quite strong.

Hitting the perfect numbers to achieve a winning total like that must feel like the adrenaline rush a drugged-up game show presenter experiences as they jog from the dressing room to the studio. Lights, Camera, Cash! tries very hard to divert your attention away from its monotony with its sensory overwhelming lights and sounds, but if you don’t strike it rich, it may be a bit dull.